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If you have questions regarding a membership listing, please contact 317.889.2382. This list is updated twice a year.

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When you join IOWPA you are becoming part of the leading organization whose goal is to educate and inform the homeowners, as well as unite all professions in the onsite industry.   Membership is $75 annually for individual members and $175 annually for corporate memberships.

You will receive:

Our quarterly printed newsletter

Information regarding upcoming conferences and workshops

Exhibitor opportunities

Certification recognized by more than 40 counties throughout Indiana...and much,much more

To join today, fill out the information attached.

Please make checks payable to IOWPA and mail it to IOWPA, 7915 S. Emerson Ave., Ste 132, Indianapolis, IN 46237-9708.

Your membership confirmation will be mailed to you.