IOWPA requires all certified professionals (inspectors and installers) to maintain annual membership in IOWPA and earn a minimum of 20 hours continuing education every three years in order to recertify.  There may be some individual counties that do not require these standards but this is an IOWPA certification and must be adhered to in order to be in good standing with IOWPA.
Both certifications (Installer and Inspector) are for individuals.....they are not transferable.  IOWPA and all county health departments will only recognize those Inspections using the IOWPA developed Inspector documents.  This certification is not transferable and only certifies the individual in attendance that passes the exam.  Any inspection that is made by anyone other than an IOWPA Certified Inspector will be considered as fraudulent. 
Our certifications are recognized by more than 50% of the counties in Indiana but each county may have their own guidelines.  In addition, IOWPA's Certification Committee has spent countless hours developing a comprehensive Inspector's checklist and summary which you should require be completed for your Inspection

You can check out our pdf refillable forms by visitingwww.iowpa.orgwhere they are located on our Home Page.

Map of Counties Accepting IOWPA Certification


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