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Review the Indiana Code Rule 410 and take the Installer's Practice exam in advance.   It's approximately 60 pages. Click on the link:

The Indiana State Department of Health's Environmental Health Division/Onsite Sewage Systems Program page is chock full of information regarding technologies, etc.  Click on this link to access this information:

ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS...if your IOWPA Certified Inspector is NOT using the IOWPA Inspector Report and Inspector Summary... the inspection is not recognized by IOWPA and MAY not be recognized by your county health department.

Visit this website to access homeowners tips and marketing toolkit for your business:

IOWPA is now accepting applications for 2018 Field Days, Homeowners may contact their local Health Departments to get the required assistance with your application process.

Amanda Lahners, LaPorte County recognized in Pumper Magazine for septic inspections at point-of-sale property transfer:

To prepare for the Inspector Certification Training, we recommend the following:
Print a copy and review both the Inspection Form and Summary. IOWPA does not recognize
any other form submitted and are encouraging county health departments to do the same. 
This form is the most comprehensive.

Excel File Download Instructions-  Please note, GoDaddy no longer supports direct download of Excel files.  When choosing to view an Excel Spreadsheet from the site you will have to choose OPEN WITH option and choose Microsoft Office Excel (default).  This will open the file and you can then save to your local machine with a file name and location of your choice.

IOWPA is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) tax exempt educational organization committed to
protecting the public health and the environment of Indiana by improving and
increasing access to wastewater treatment for individuals and communities living
beyond centralized wastewater treatment facilities. IOWPA accepts monetary
donations by check, money order, credit card etc, by mail.  Your contributions are
tax deductible and you will receive written acknowledgement of your donation for
your tax records.

Use IOWPA discount codeXNV544 by February 4th to get Full Education Package/Expo for $85 or Expo for $15.....prices go up after February 4th!!!

  • Click HereTo review changes in Rule 410 made in 2014


Upcoming Dates:


  • WWETT Show February 22nd-24th, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis
  • Central Indiana Installers Exam, March 8, 2018- EVENTS PAGE FOR REGISTRATION INFO
  • Southern Indiana Installers Exam, March 16, 2018- EVENTS PAGE FOR REGISTRATION INFO
  • Residential OSS Design Workshops, March 21 and 27, 2018- EVENTS PAGE FOR REGISTRATION INFO
  • Northern Indiana Installers Exam, April 3, 2018- EVENTS PAGE FOR REGISTRATION INFO
  • Residential OSS Design Workshops, April 5 and 10, 2018- EVENTS PAGE FOR REGISTRATION INFO