To prepare for the Inspector Certification Training, we recommend the following:
Print a copy and review both the Inspection Form and Summary. IOWPA does not recognize
any other form submitted and are encouraging county health departments to do the same. 
This form is the most comprehensive.

Click here to download the Inspectors Report    

Click here to download the Inspectors Summary

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Click HereTo review changes in Rule 410 made in 2014

IOWPA Installer/Inspector Trainings and/or Installer Exam Only Opportunities: 

Upcoming dates:

Last chance to re-certify for those expired 3/15/17.  Grace period ends 5/31/17

June 27th, 2017 IOWPA Summer Field Day, Lawrence County  (August 11th, 2017 rain date)

Click here for registration form

September 18-22, 2017  Septic Smart Week

Review the Indiana Code Rule 410 and take the Installer's Practice exam in advance.   It's approximately 60 pages. Click on the link:  The Indiana State Department of Health's Environmental Health Division/Onsite Sewage Systems Program page is chock full of information regarding technologies, etc.  Click on this link to access this information. .

ATTENTION INSPECTORS - August 15th, 2017 is the re-certification deadline for those certified in 2014.  Be sure you have enough CEU's as there are NO RETEST opportunities for Inspectors......Also check out the new Re-certification criteria for Inspectors by clicking on thisnew form.  Inspectors will be required to produce one completed report for:

1) Working system 

2) Non-working system. 

Without these reports, IOWPA will not approve your Inspector Re-certification.

ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS...if your IOWPA Certified Inspector is NOT using the IOWPA Inspector Report and Inspector Summary...the inspection is not recognized by IOWPA and MAY not be recognized by your county health department.

Online and recorded sessions at  5 hours of continuing education is the maximum to be earned:

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